automotive ecommerce

automotive ecommerce

According to the 2020 Automotive Ecommerce Report by Digital Commerce 360, automotive ecommerce generates over $14.6 billion per year, split evenly between the sales of new ($7.5 billion) and used vehicles ($7.09 billion). The numbers suggest that ecommerce is becoming a viable alternative to traditional retail in the auto space.

Fundamental design principles to follow

Across all product lines, ecommerce websites share similar features, such as shopping cart functionality or a product catalog, though design focus certainly varies. What sets auto websites apart is the need for strong product presentation to let customers find comprehensive information and make informed decisions, often involving substantial spending. Here is a feature set to have.

Product information

Having worked thoroughly on the product information to give to your customers online, you minimize a probability of them leaving your website looking for additional details and inspire trust as a competent seller. In addition to product description, a product page should contain manufacturing specification and high-resolution images, preferably with a 360-degree view option. In some cases, a video sells a product much better than pictures.

Product sorting and search

Customers should have the ability to sort and search through products quickly while browsing. This allows them to find needed items much faster and compare similar products against such criteria as price, manufacturer, etc. For automotive websites selling auto parts and accessories, the search by model, make and year is critical as customers own a specific vehicle and appreciate you saving their time to find relevant items.

For those customers using a search bar, autocomplete and autocorrection will be handy as they don’t need to spell search queries correctly to buy precisely what they need.

Product reviews

Digitally savvy customers rarely buy products online (not to say about high pricing segments) before considering ratings, reviews, and other kinds of testimonials. Having those on your website will save you from frequent bounces off your website when visitors need to further research what people think about a given product, its quality and cost reasonability.

A strong mobile presence

Servicing or repairing a vehicle in the garage, people may look for needed auto parts online from their mobile devices. To make the experience convenient, you should provide them with features such as menus and buttons optimized for mobile, versions of images scaled for mobile screens, and other quality of life improvements.

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