selling cosmetics makeup online

selling cosmetics makeup online

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Despite the challenges, the cosmetics industry stayed strong in 2020. Sales in its most profitable segment – eye cosmetics – generated some $1.96 billion in the US. Though beauty brands are abundant, you can enter the competition and carve out a place in the sun if your product offering finds a target market.

Top-selling ecommerce channels for cosmetics

The challenge of selling cosmetics online is to find the audience and make your brand trustworthy enough for people to buy your products without being able to try them. Below are the most popular options to sell beauty products online.

  • An online store. Setting up a webstore allows your business to build a brand image and strong communication with customers. Being in full control over all business processes, you can launch personalization on your website, get unique branded design, provide customers with tailored support, and plan digital experience to win picky crowd.
  • Social media. Instagram has a strong influencer community. One of the business opportunities you have is to engage micro and macro influencers who will review beauty products and advertise them to their audience. Make sure to choose those who share values with your brand. Let’s say, if you sell organic cosmetics, choose influencers who promote the same beauty approach.
  • Marketplaces. The most popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon offer millions of shoppers a wide range of product categories, and makeup is no exception. Joining a marketplace community can be an excellent opportunity to reach a vast audience at the business start.
  • Multichannel sales. Use several sales and marketing channels in order to let customers find you easier. Showcase your products on your own website and connect it to your presence in social media and on marketplaces to grow your business faster.

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